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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

We offer the full range of pre-prosthetic surgery to guarantee your future dentures will feel comfortable and fit perfectly inside your mouth.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery for Our Patients

Dr. Koshgerian and Dr. Shelton offer the full range of pre-prosthetic surgery to give their patients the very best experience with their dental prostheses. Pre-prosthetic procedures are performed in the comfort of our surgical suites in both of our practices located in the San Diego metro area. This type of oral surgery is commonly performed to prepare a patient for a partial or complete denture, or to correct abnormalities in the oral cavity that are preventing a comfortable or secure fit. When a denture isn’t comfortable and fits poorly, daily activities such as eating and speaking can be painful or awkward.

Dentures sit on the alveolar ridge, a bony ridge in the mouth that normally supports teeth. For denture wearers, this ridge must be the proper size and shape to accommodate a denture in a way that promotes optimal functionality. Sometimes the ridge may need to smoothed or reshaped, or excess bone may need to be removed.

Why do I need pre-prosthetic surgery?

Even after multiple fittings, some patients find that their dentures still cause pain or just aren’t fitting well. Surgical correction of the alveolar ridge can resolve these uncomfortable issues. Genetics or tooth loss may have affected the shape and size of your alveolar ridge — whatever the cause, the oral issues that are causing your discomfort are likely treatable with pre-prosthetic surgery. Eliminating the discomfort from important daily activities, such as chewing and speaking, can immensely benefit our patients’ well-being.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

The type of pre-prosthetic surgery that you may require depends on the anatomy of your oral structures and the type of dentures or other devices you have or will be receiving. Some of the common pre-prosthetic surgeries we offer to help our patient’s get a good fit for their prosthetic device include

Pre-prosthetic surgery procedures carry very few risks for patients. Your specific procedure will be discussed with you during your pre-prosthetic surgery consultation with Dr. Koshgerian or Dr. Shelton.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in San Diego, CA

Uncomfortable dental appliances are no fun. If your dentures are bothering you after one or more fittings, you may be a candidate for pre-prosthetic surgery. We encourage you to contact The Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of San Diego for a consultation with Dr. Koshgerian or Dr. Shelton to discuss your case and create a plan for treatment. We also offer many advanced tooth replacement options to help our patients reclaim their oral function and natural-looking smiles such as dental implants and full-arch replacement. Your oral surgeon will be happy to discuss these options with you.