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Gayle brought her daughter here for wisdom teeth removal. The surgeons are well-educated, well-trained, and made Gayle and her daughter feel comfortable.

Gayle is the mother of a wisdom tooth extraction patient

Gale's Story

"Hello, my name is Gayle, I live in Mesa, and I came to The Oral Surgery Specialists of San Diego because my daughter had her wisdom teeth surgery here. The practice is really nice. It’s very comfortable. It’s very peaceful. The staff here at this office has been incredibly helpful. They’ve just assisted with everything. The doctors here are very friendly. They’re certainly very well-educated and well-trained, and they made us feel very comfortable. The procedure here was really easy. The messages that we got beforehand really helped to get us ready so we knew what was coming. My overall experience here was terrific. If you live in San Diego and need oral surgery, I would highly recommend The Oral Surgery Specialists of San Diego."

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