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The Views Are In!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video and to those that viewed them all as part of our Surfing For Smiles program! With your help, we donated $2,500 to Outdoor Outreach to help our youth explore the outdoors, cultivate a sense of belonging, and discover what they’re capable of.

We’re excited to announce that Marcella, a San Diego resident, submitted the video with the most views! She will receive a custom surfboard courtesy of San Diego’s Solid Surfboards!

Check out her submission along with all of our Top 5 videos below!

Congratulations! We hope everyone has a blast at the beach and continues to enjoy the beautiful San Diego coast and all of the outdoor activities that our region has to offer. Thanks to you, we made a difference in our community this summer and supported Outdoor Outreach, a truly amazing organization.

surfing program banner

Since 1999, Outdoor Outreach has connected 17,000 young people with opportunities to share new experiences and build a support system of peers and mentors who believe in them. This incredible organization connects our youth with their world to inspire, explore, and show that they matter.

You can make a donation directly to Outdoor Outreach here.
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Surf candidate marcella

"Just imagine being the star of a surf movie, longboarding somewhere very warm ... which soundtrack would you pick?"

Surf candidate roman

"I love going to Ocean Beach dog park to practice catching waves! I just started learning to surf, and it's one of my favorite things to do now. This video was MY FIRST WAVE EVER! Learning more and getting better are my goals for the summer. I'll be attending my first surf camp soon, and I can't wait! Surf's Up y'all!"

Surf candidate melanie

"Girls’ trip to the Maldives, May 2022."

Surf candidate sean

"Fun waves in Mexico. Hot Rod Surf."

Surf candidate mary

"Because of him, I now surf in California. Because of him, many people have learned to respect and appreciate that unique connection with the ocean while on a surfboard. Giving a custom board to Joe will help spread the love for surf."

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