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Meet Clement

Dr. Shelton kept him well-informed the entire time and had a great personality.

My name's Clement. I'm from Mira Mesa, California, and I had my wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Shelton. I would definitely describe the office as someplace that's very peaceful and quiet, and it's filled with people who care about what they do. They don't treat you like a number here, and everybody here loves doing their work, and you can feel it when you come into the place. The staff here is just so warm and friendly. I was not nervous at all because of all the information that Dr. Shelton and his staff gave me before the operation. He was very clear. Dr. Shelton is certainly a very professional dental surgeon. On the evening of the surgery, he actually texted me to ask me how I was doing, so I very much appreciated that he checked in with me like that. Overall, I would absolutely say that I had a great experience. For my friends and family in Chula Vista and Pacific Beach, I would highly recommend The Oral Surgery Specialists of San Diego.

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