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Gloria refers patients here because they receive the utmost care.

Gloria refers her patients to The Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of San Diego

Gloria's Story

"The reason I refer patients to Dr. Koshgerian and Dr. Shelton is because I know they’re going to receive the utmost quality care. Patients’ feedback is amazing from every single patient. Dr. Koshgerian and Dr. Shelton explain to them, "This is the reason why this is happening, and this is how we can fix and go forward and get you back up to optimal health," and that’s something that patients refer to are just thrilled about. I chose to come here to have my tooth extracted. I knew from hearing patients’ feedback that I was in amazing hands, and that was absolutely the case. I had the best experience as a patient. I will absolutely continue to refer every single patient to the Oral Surgery Specialists of San Diego to see Dr. Koshgerian and Dr. Shelton."

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