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Dr. Koshgerian made her feel comfortable while getting her wisdom teeth pulled.

Carrie got her wisdom teeth removed

Carrie's Story

"Hi, my name is Carrie, from San Diego, and I had my wisdom teeth pulled from Dr. Koshgerian. I wasn't feeling any pain in my teeth, but I knew that I needed to have them removed since I didn't have them removed when I was younger. I was extremely nervous to make the appointment and even reach out to the doctor to have the wisdom teeth pulled. The surgery went exactly as planned. It was very quick and painless, and I felt amazing afterwards, actually, which was very surprising to me. Dr. Koshgerian is a very friendly person. He made sure that I felt very comfortable and answered all the questions that I had. I had an excellent experience here. For my friends and family in San Diego and La Jolla, I highly recommend Dr. Koshgerian."

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